old west 2I Write for adults and children I write from the heart.  and I have been writing my whole life. I write under the name Fancylee for children, where all my stories are told in a fanciful whimsical way. Adults will laugh along with the children  So under Nancylee, I write just a touch.  God is my inspiration in my writings and he has always been my biggest fan so,  now I step out, and I hope through my writings I can for a moment touch you. through a gift that was given to me and my greatest reward is to receive a well done, from my biggest fan.  Come visit me  at https://writingsbyfancylee.wordpress.com

  1. 1442434153411 (2)         My sister,  you were the person for whom I had to share.  With measured pieces so it was always very fair.  We grew up as opposites, but a pair all the same,  learning to answer when we were called the other’s  name.  Now you are gone and I hold this scale not knowing what to do, with all the halves that belong only just to you.  So I will take this scale and toss it away,  because how can love so deeply ever be weighed.  Our father said when you were four you used to love to say,  “Daddy I’m so happy my face can hardly believe it”.  But now you are gone, and he is left wondering just when that went away.  The Angels have opened up God’s holy blessed Gates, and with Trumpets blowing,  have ushered you in and said you were to stay.  And like before, when you were four, I can almost hear you say,  those little words for happiness as your pain all melts away.

Written for, and dedicated to

Debbie Repp  by your sister Nancy Repp